Liberty Shall Prevail

At times it is easy to feel fearful about the state and direction of our nation. It is easy to fear that the liberties and freedoms that we have enjoyed are slipping away. It is easy to fear that a continual coarsening of our culture will destroy what has made America special.

In its bicentennial year, an Apostle of Christ spoke about the destiny of America. His words give me great comfort and optimism that the things that have always made America great will endure despite a multitude of trials and challenges:

He echoed the words of Elder Anthony W. Ivan’s, spoken in 1917 about the destiny of the nation

“Let me reiterate the message left with the Saints nearly sixty years ago at the general conference in April 1917 when Elder Anthony W. Ivins, after discussing religious liberty and the Constitution, said, “I feel authorized to say, here this afternoon, that these liberties which have come to men, both religious and civil, have not been established by the Lord to be destroyed, but that they are here to remain until liberty shall prevail from the rivers to the ends of the earth, until God’s kingdom shall be established among men, and his will done upon earth as it is done in heaven. Until the universal Fatherhood of God, and brotherhood of man shall be recognized, and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of Christ, who shall reign as Prince of Peace.” (Conference Reports, April 1917, pp. 54–55.)”

That promise should reassure every patriot. We may have to defend our liberties vigorously. However, overall it will be a victorious battle. The core protections of religious freedom and other civil liberties will not be lost. In darkening times, that promise means the world to me.


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