“Sacred Moments When Mortality and Heaven Intersect”

Elder Weatherford T. Clayton’s talk about the plan of salvation resonated with me since I have experienced both birth and death in my family in the recent past. He emphasized that:

The world sees birth and death as the beginning and the end. But because of God’s holy plan, we know that birth and death are actually just milestones on our journey to eternal life with our Heavenly Father. They are essential parts of our Father’s plan—sacred moments when mortality and heaven intersect.

In those sacred moments, I have felt that intersection between heaven and earth. Holding our beautiful newborn daughters in my arms is a moment that can never be forgotten.  Those moments were filled with such incredible hope and love. I also felt an incredible sense of responsibility, as I knew that I was holding a precious child of God.

Likewise, when my father died I experienced what Elder Clayton described:

In that moment of death, the room was filled with peace. Her daughters had a sweet sadness, but their hearts were filled with faith. They knew that their mother was not gone but had returned home. Even in our moments of deepest grief, in the moments when time stands still and life seems so unfair, we can find comfort in our Savior because He suffered as well.

Knowing about the plan of salvation brought me such great peace in that moment. That peace passes all understanding. It is a spiritual gift that is given to us by God to help strengthen and comfort us. I saw the sorrow that my other relatives experienced and longed to let them know about the soul healing truths that I knew.  And yet, it was not something they were ready to understand.

I am beyond grateful for my knowledge of the plan. It is an anchor to my life in times of trial. I know that one day, I will see those that have passed again, and I will be with those I love forever.