Gnawing Hunger and Being Filled

In October 1975, Elder Wirthlin who was presiding over the European area spoke about his experience serving there:

“We have observed a restless spirit of searching today among the people of Europe. Why? Because there is a gnawing hunger in the human heart that, if not fed by the truths of the gospel, leaves life empty and devoid of peace. The hodgepodge of economic “isms” advocated by so-called wise men of the world has solved few, if any, problems, and has brought no real joy. Such empty nostrums have led mankind to seek worldly goods and symbols of material power, blinding humanity to the truth that only the righteous life firmly established in the daily living of God’s commandments brings true happiness. Anything less leaves the heart unfed, with a yearning inner hunger—a hunger which it is our mission to identify and define and of which we should make the people aware. I have seen in Europe the fulfillment of the words of Amos, that there would be “a famine in the land, not a famine of bread … but of hearing the words of the Lord.” (Amos 8:11.)

That feeling of “gnawing” hunger is what led me to the Church. I thought I could find inner peace and happiness through a secular humanistic philosophy, but found myself coming up short. I knew I had a hole that needed to be filled.

Yet, more and more I wonder whether Satan hasn’t succeeded in dulling that gnawing. He has amped up his efforts to dull our senses and to stop us from truly stopping and reflecting. In a 24 hour media cycle, with never ending content to consume, who has time to stop and hunger? Who cares if the calories we are consuming are vapid and lacking in nutritional value? If we constantly feel a temporary fullness, then we will not know the difference. Satan has succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of so many through his constant efforts at diversion.

We need to see through his deceptions and realize that we need to do better at finding the time for reflecting on the word of God and receiving personal revelation. Then, when we do so we can set a pattern and example for others to follow and see through the mists of darkness.


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