Lead me, Guide me, Walk beside me

I enjoyed Elder Brough’s take on the words to the hymn I Am A Child of God:

When thinking of guidance, we might think of a hymn we all know and love–“I Am a Child of God.” In the chorus we find the words “Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way.”

Until recently, I understood that chorus to be divine direction to parents. While pondering these words, I realized that while they contain that direction, there exists a far greater meaning. Individually, we each plead daily that Heavenly Father will guide us, lead us, and walk beside us.

As parents, we have to lead our children on the path, but far more importantly, we have to direct them to Heavenly Father who can direct them more fully.

Thus, our goal must be to help facilitate a connection to God who is the divine source of all righteousness. When trials come, a connection to us will not be enough. A connection to heaven is needed.

Second, to truly guide youth, we must connect them with heaven. The time always comes when each must stand alone. Only Heavenly Father can be there to guide at all times and in all places. Our youth must know how to seek Heavenly Father’s guidance.

God will never abandon us. At times he may seem far away. But he has promised to always be there for us. He is always listening even though the answers we seek may be far off. I have experienced periods where the heavens seem closed and answers do not come. But I also testify that the heavens are open. I know answers come in the Lord’s own time. I loved Elder Brough’s story to that effect:

At one such time, I sought Heavenly Father’s counsel through constant and heartfelt prayer for more than a year to find the solution to a difficult situation. I knew logically that Heavenly Father answers all sincere prayers. Yet I reached such desperation one day that I attended the temple with one question: “Heavenly Father, do You really care?”

I was sitting near the back of the Logan Utah Temple waiting room when, to my surprise, entering the room that day was the temple president, Vaughn J. Featherstone, a close family friend. He stood at the front of the congregation and welcomed all of us. When he noticed me among the temple patrons, he stopped speaking, looked me in the eyes, and then said, “Brother Brough, it is good to see you in the temple today.”

I will never forget the feeling of that simple moment. It was as if–in that greeting–Heavenly Father was stretching forth His hand and saying, “Here am I.”

I too have had such simple experiences that have confirmed for me that God is mindful of me and is always there for me.


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