Do they Know that we Know?

One of the greatest joys of parenthood is seeing my older daughter begin to learn about Jesus. Recently, she has begun reciting something that she either learned at home or at primary, “Jesus was born a baby like me.”  She also enjoyed singing “I am a child of God” at the top of her lungs. And at times, she can say things that are astonishingly deep or profound.

Watching her grow makes me so grateful for the Gospel and for the ability that I have to raise her in the Church. It also impressed upon me the importance of finding every opportunity to share my witness with her. Last conference, Elder K. Brett Nattress spoke of the importance of making sure our children know what we know:

Brothers and sisters, I have recently been pondering this question: “If all that your children knew of the gospel came from you—as their only source—how much would they know?” This question applies to all those who love, mentor, and influence children.

Is there any greater gift that we can impart to our children than a memory burned deep into their hearts that we know that our Redeemer lives? Do they know that we know? And more important, have they come to know for themselves that He lives?

I try hard to take this advice to heart. I love looking for opportunities to speak about some eternal truth. I especially love speaking about our eternal family and about my faith that I will be with my daughter forever. I don’t know for sure what the future holds. She is still so young and has so many trials and challenges ahead.  But I know my testimony will somehow stick with her and help her to stay fast despite those pitfalls along the way.


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