Changed by Grace

The Doctrine of Christ teaches us in broad strokes what we must do to return to our father in Heaven. Yet, if we see the steps of faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end as merely a checklist of behavior, then we are likely to miss either the why or the how of the Gospel.

Elder Ashton’s talk on the Doctrine of Christ did not make that mistake. I especially loved how he focused on the process of sanctification or becoming more like our father in Heaven and explained how each of the steps in that process helps us to become more him and like our savior. I especially loved his description about the role of the Holy Ghost in the process.

“As our constant companion, the Holy Ghost gives us additional power or strength to keep our covenants. He also sanctifies us, which means to make us “free from sin, pure, clean, and holy through the atonement of Jesus Christ.” The process of sanctification not only cleanses us, but it also endows us with needed spiritual gifts or divine attributes of the Savior and changes our very nature, such “that we have no more disposition to do evil.” Each time we receive the Holy Ghost into our lives through faith, repentance, ordinances, Christlike service, and other righteous endeavors, we are changed until step by step, little by little we become like Christ.”

All of those little checklist things we do ultimately serves to allow the Holy Ghost into our lives. He is the force that heals, transforms, and changes us. We need to allow him in and show God a willingness to change. The Holy Ghost does the actual work of transformation – if we let him.