Transformative Worship

I loved Bishop Davies description of how worshipping God with all our heart leads us to become more Christlike in our character:

“True worship transforms us into sincere and earnest disciples of our beloved Master and Savior, Jesus Christ. We change and become more like Him.

We become more understanding and caring. More forgiving. More loving.

We understand that it is impossible to say that we love God while at the same time hating, dismissing, or disregarding others around us.

True worship leads to an unwavering determination to walk the path of discipleship. And that leads inevitably to charity. These too are necessary elements of worship.”

True worship leads to emulation. Emulation leads to a sincere desire to be better. That desire leads us to be charitable to others. It helps us realize that we must serve others if we are to serve our God. This is a mutually reinforcing pattern of righteousness.

Satan’s plan is the mirror opposite. It involves emulating the pattern of the world and becoming more and more insular and selfish. He wants us to think onlyof ourselves and our rights and what we are owed by those around us. That is not the savior’s way.