True and Faithful: D&C 14 (Treasure up for his Soul)

3 Behold, the field is white already to harvest; therefore, whoso desireth to reap let him thrust in his sickle with his might, and reap while the day lasts, that he may treasure up for his soul everlasting salvation in the kingdom of God.
I can testify from my own experience that missionary work truly does lead to great reward for both the missionary and those being taught. I have written this before, but I firmly believe that all of the success and blessings I’ve received since I served came from my decision to serve. And because of my service I believe that I am firmly rooted in the Gospel and in the church. Add to that the joy that I felt as a missionary helping others know Christ, the empathy and love I felt for them, and the many friendships I developed. Multiply that by the witness of the spirit that helped me know that I was doing the Lord’s will.

I am so grateful for my mission and all that I received from service.


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