True and Faithful: D&C Title Page

Having just finished my read through of the Book of Mormon in time for the new year, I’ve decided that I’m going to continue to do daily blog posts focused on the D&C and church history. I hope to do some posts focused on the text, and others focused on the history behind revelations, but in not sure yet how I’m going to balance those two factors.

I am going to name be series “true and faithful” in light of the Lord’s declaration in D&C 1 that the commandments contained in the D&C are “true and faithful” and will all be fulfilled. (D&C 1:37).

Unlike the Book of Mormon title page and introduction, I don’t feel like I read the associated portions of the D&C frequently. But as with the Book of Mormon, reading these pages helps set up themes that one sees throughout the remainder of the scripture.

The title page is very brief, but contains one major insight:

“The Doctrine and Covenants Containing Revelations Given to Joseph Smith, the Prophet with Some Additions by His Successors in the Presidency of the Church”

The bulk of the foundational revelations (Covenants) were given to Joseph Smith. He was he prophet of he restoration and he lay the foundation for the Church that we now enjoy. However, successors have from time to time also received major revelations that are significant for the nature and structure of the Church. These have also been contained. 

However, neither with Joseph Smith nor with subsequent leaders is there the implication that the D&C is comprehensive. We do not believe in a closed cannon and we likewise do not believe that every revelation ever received has been canonized as part of the D&C. To believe that would be to ignore the countless revelations that make up the daily functioning of the Church. Trult, nothing in the Church would function without revelation.


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