Journey through the Book of Mormon: Final Thoughts

I am very grateful for having read through the Book of Mormon this year and for doing my ‘daily’ posts. Looking back at the first post of my daily Book of Mormon post, I wrote about overarching themes that I saw in the introduction. As I think back about the past year, I have returned time and again to those themes

First, and most importantly, I’ve felt drawn to the books nearly obsessive focus on Christ. Knowledge of him permeates every page. It’s absence in certain places such as the Book of Ether is noticeable. Christ is the beginning and the ending of the Book. He is the source of vision and inspiration. He is a living savior.

Second, the universality of the Book is striking. The house of Israel is special and chosen but also open and accessible. All can join if willing to follow the savior and keep the covenants of the Gospel.

 I have also really felt inspired as I’ve thought about the authors as living and breathing individuals with emotions, beliefs, and personal spiritual journeys. These are real people and you can see their experiences pore through on every page.

Nevertheless, you can see how the Book of Mormon was written for our day. It’s themes were curated with our day in mind. God is mindful of us and he has prepared the Book for us.

I love the Book of Mormon and I have a strengthened testimony of it due to my experiences reading and blogging about it.


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