Journey through the Book of Mormon: Mormon 3 (In Vain)

2 And it came to pass that the Lord did say unto me: Cry unto this people–Repent ye, and come unto me, and be ye baptized, and build up again my church, and ye shall be spared.
3 And I did cry unto this people, but it was in vain; and they did not realize that it was the Lord that had spared them, and granted unto them a chance for repentance. And behold they did harden their hearts against the Lord their God.

Mormon was commanded to do something even though the result was certain failure. Do we sometimes wonder when we feel prompted to do something only to not have that thing work out? Such experiences can cause us to doubt the influence of the Lord in our lives. But they shouldn’t. Instead. We should have confidence that the Lord sees the end from the beginning and knows the impact of our actions far more than we do.

We read repeatedly that the people did not repent as a result of Mormon’s preaching, and that is likely true on the aggregate. But I do wonder if Mormon’s actions nevertheless affected individuals in ways that he never understood. Regardless, I think we can have confidence that God fully sees the bigger picture. He knows exactly the experiences we need to have and how we can best impact others.


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