Satan’s Triumph

Elder Elred Smith shared a fable that really struck close to home:

” The story is told that Satan called a council of his agents and asked how they would combat the forces of righteousness. One said, “I’ll go and tell them it isn’t true.” Satan said, “No, that wouldn’t do.” The second said, “I’ll tell them it’s only half true.” “No,” Satan said, “that’s not enough.” The third said, “I’ll go and tell them it’s all true, but there is no need to hurry.” “Go,” Satan said. “That will get them every time.””
Satan is devious and will try anything to destroy faith. His most pernicious strategy is to cause us to be distracted or lose focus.

The early members of the church had an incredible sense of urgency that propelled them to act. It seems to me that we have become far more complacent in our day. We are far enough from the events of the restoration that they are distant past. And though the second coming is nigh, it still feels like a distant dream. We therefore do not have that same fire or urgency. We wait and believe that we can serve tomorrow rather than today. And when Satan persuades us to do so, he achieves a great victory.


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