Journey through the Book of Mormon: 4 Nephi 1 (The Love of God did Dwell)

15 And it came to pass that there was no contention in the land, because of the love of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people.
16 And there were no envyings, nor strifes, nor tumults, nor whoredoms, nor lyings, nor murders, nor any manner of lasciviousness; and surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God.
These verses teach a neglected secret to peace and to reducing strife and conflict. In particular, if we want to be at peace with others we must first be at peace with God. If we have that love of God in our hearts, then we will be able to navigate the storms of life and find ways to overcome divisiveness and be unified with those around us. If we do not have that inner peace, then the storms of life will overcome us and will. E tempest tossed by the waves of division and conflict. So much of our interpersonal experience depends on that feeling of security and joy. 
It is specifically when we are wronged, or do not get what we seek after, or have just cause to feel aggrieved that we most powerfully need to feel and find that love of God in our hearts. In such moments we need to rely on our savior’s overpowering grace to overcome the challenges we face.


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