The Promise of Eternity

In the concluding moments of the April 1974 conference, President Spencer W. Kimball touched on some expansive and fascinating themes that we do not hear spoken about frequently. In particular, he spoke about the nature of the Celestial Kingdom and how we will experience Eternal Life:

“We have a commitment to serve our Lord. We have an assurance that the cause is just and worthy. But, above all, we have a knowledge that God lives and is in his heavens and that his Son Jesus Christ has laid out a plan for us which will bring us and our loved ones eternal life if we are faithful. That life will be a busy, purposeful life with accomplishments and joys and development.

If you can think of the greatest real joys that have ever come to you in this life, then think of the next life as a projection of this one with all the purposeful things multiplied, enlarged, and even more desirable. All in these associations of our lives here have brought to you development and joy and growth and happiness. Now when life ends, we shall return to a situation patterned after our life here, only less limited, more glorious, more increased joys.”

This promise is one that drives me as I continue to serve.  Recently, as I went to the Philadelphia Temple, I reflected on things I had given up in order to join the Church. As I thought about those sacrifices, I was reminded that in reality I had lost nothing, but instead gained so much more. I had received a promise of eternal bliss and joy beyond imagination.

In my most powerful spiritual moments, I have felt a small slice of what heaven will be like. In those moments, I have known that no matter what challenges I face, it will always be worth it. God will deliver on all of his promises.


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