Journey through the Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 21 (Shall be Cut Off)

11 Therefore it shall come to pass that whosoever will not believe in my words, who am Jesus Christ, which the Father shall cause him to bring forth unto the Gentiles, and shall give unto him power that he shall bring them forth unto the Gentiles, (it shall be done even as Moses said) they shall be cut off from among my people who are of the covenant.
The savior makes his message even more clear here. He emphasizes that in the day of the restoration when the Book of Mormon will come forth, there will be a prophet who will speak the words of Christ. Our willingness to head the words of that prophet will determine if we remain numbered among the people of Christ or are cut off. Our spiritual survival is at stake when we we treat lightly upon the teachings of the Prophet and Apostles. 


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