Always and Deeply Rooted in their Hearts

President Uchtdorf’s second talk from conference came during the Saturday Morning Session, and he hit it out of the park. President Uchtdorf spoke on the need to continually be in awe at the beauty and majesty of God’s plan. He urged us to avoid taking for granted the incredible blessings of the Gospel.

One portion of the talk stood out to me in particular. President Uchtdorf spoke about his efforts to share the Gospel as a youth with friends. He would often speak of distinct commandments that we have. Alternatively, he would speak of similarities with other Christian faiths. But he found that it was only when he focused on our unique doctrines and in particular our understanding of the Plan of Salvation that people took interest:

“When I was a young man, my friends would ask me about my religion. Often I would start to explain the differences, like the Word of Wisdom. Other times I would emphasize the similarities with other Christian religions. None of this would impress them very much. But when I talked about the great plan of happiness our Father in Heaven has for us as His children, I had their attention.”

He then noted the reaction that many of his friends had – a reaction that was familiar to me:

“Some of my friends would say that this message felt familiar, even though such things were never taught in their religious upbringing. It was as if they had always known these things to be true, as if I was simply casting light on something that was always and deeply rooted in their hearts.”

This was how I felt when I first began to learn about the Plan of Salvation. When my best friend of the time expressed a desire to begin attending her Church again, I went to a bookstore and picked up various books about the Church. I sat enraptured as I read about the doctrines of the Plan of Salvation. I could not then explain what was happening to me. But it felt so completely right. As President Uchtdorf described, I felt like I’d always known those things. After that experience, I eagerly wanted to know more about the Church because of the powerful connection I felt.

Our doctrine feels right and true because it is right and true. We were there when it was announced. We shouted for joy at the inception of the Plan. We fought for it. We were eager to come here and to experience our mortal sojourn. And though we are behind the veil, yet something deep within us resonates with truth.

I know with every fiber of my being that God’s plan is real. He has prepared a way for us to return to him and to become like him. His plan is one of perfect familial love. We can know him and we can be certain of the promises he has made to us.


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