Journey through the Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 5 (In His Own Due Time)

25 And as he hath covenanted with all the house of Jacob, even so shall the covenant wherewith he hath covenanted with the house of Jacob be fulfilled in his own due time, unto the restoring all the house of Jacob unto the knowledge of the covenant that he hath covenanted with them.

26 And then shall they know their Redeemer, who is Jesus Christ, the Son of God; and then shall they be gathered in from the four quarters of the earth unto their own lands, from whence they have been dispersed; yea, as the Lord liveth so shall it be. Amen.”

Mormon notes that all of the people had begun to believe in Christ because of the signs. He then enters into a long aside about his belief that his people will one day return to faith in Christ. This aside seems unconnected to the text at first glance. But it seems to me that Mormon is wistfully reflecting on the miraculous transformation among the people as evidence of the great potential for a similar future transformation. A few chapters prior the people had fallen into great wickedness and yet now here one believes. Such a change is only possible through the power of God. We likewise can take hope that no matter how wicked the world, miraculous transformation is possible in short order through the power of Christ. All in “due time.”


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