Our Unwearying Savior

The Savior sets an incomparable example for all of us to follow. In particular, his perfect character sets the pattern for us. In the April 1974 conference, Elder Howard W. Hunter spoke about the last hours of the Savior’s life.

“To the very end of his mortal life Jesus was demonstrating the grandeur of his spirit and the magnitude of his strength. He was not, even at this late hour, selfishly engrossed with his own sorrows or contemplating the impending pain. He was anxiously attending to the present and future needs of his beloved followers. He knew their own safety, individually and as a church, lay only in their unconditional love one for another. His entire energies seem to have been directed toward their needs, thus teaching by example what he was teaching by precept. He gave them words of comfort and commandment and caution.”

It is hard to imagine the strain that the Savior was under. His atoning sacrifice was imminently approaching. His hours on the earth were drawing to an end. And yet, he focused fully on serving others.

It is really humbling to think about this example. When I am tired or hungry or cranky, I turn inward and draw selfish. I do not face anything like the kind of strain that the savior had. But with far fewer challenges, I nevertheless withdraw and focus on my own needs.

I know that I can do better at emulating the savior’s example of constant service. How much better would all of our relationships and our communities be if we did likewise?


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