Look Towards the Temple 

Elder Kent F. Richards spoke eloquently of the importance of temple work and the need to look towards the temple. Recently, in light of the Philadelphia temple dedication this theme has been on my mind. I recently taught my 12-13 year old Sunday School students a lesson about the importance of  temple covenants and the need to prepare to receive the sacred ordinances. 

As I reread Elder Richard’s talk, I was once again encouraged to focus on the temple. He noted that: “I had the privilege recently of being in a temple open house with President Russell M. Nelson and his family as he gathered them around the sealing altar and explained to them that everything we do in the Church–every meeting, activity, lesson, and service–is to prepare each of us to come to the temple and kneel at the altar to receive all the Father’s promised blessings for eternity.”

I testify from my experience that there is a power found only in the temple. I know that if we stay focused on the ordinances of the temple and see the temple as our ultimate destination, that we will better be able to avoid temptation. I know that as we look towards the temple our vision will be lifted and we will be transformed.


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