Journey through the Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 4 (Hosanna)

31 And it came to pass that they did break forth, all as one, in singing, and praising their God for the great thing which he had done for them, in preserving them from falling into the hands of their enemies.32 Yea, they did cry: Hosanna to the Most High God. And they did cry: Blessed be the name of the Lord God Almighty, the Most High God.

33 And their hearts were swollen with joy, unto the gushing out of many tears, because of the great goodness of God in delivering them out of the hands of their enemies; and they knew it was because of their repentance and their humility that they had been delivered from an everlasting destruction.
I love this beautiful depiction of the exultant joy the people showed upon their deliverance from the robbers. They recognize that the lord is the source of salvation. And so, they shout Hosanna to the Lord. Their hearts are swelled with joy. They know that it is only because of him that they averted their fate. 

If only we could so clearly see the danger of spiritual destruction as clearly as we see the danger of temporal destruction. If only we were as quick to turn to God when delivered from spiritual danger. 


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