The Incomparable Satisfaction of Fatherhood

While eating lunch with a few of my co-workers who do not have children, I mentioned some of my daughter’s antics. As I spoke about some of the challenges of being a father, my co-worker made a remark about how he didn’t think he wanted to have kids. I quickly responded by emphasizing that despite the challenges of fatherhood, being a dad is by far one of the most rewarding experiences in life.

I was reminded of this conversation as I reread Elder Christofferson’s talk on fathers and fatherhood.

“For men, fatherhood exposes us to our own weaknesses and our need to improve. Fatherhood requires sacrifice, but it is a source of incomparable satisfaction, even joy.”

This is all completely true. Being a dad is a humbling and sobering experience. We all dream that one day we will be perfect parents and do everything right. But being a dad makes you realize just how flawed and imperfect you are. And because you are taking care of another child of God, the stakes could not be higher.

But I also agree with Elder Christofferson that it is a source of incomparable satisfaction and joy. Nothing compares to having your girl run up to you and give you a big welcoming hug. It is amazing how little things like that bring such joy. For every trial and anxious worry, I have been richly blessed with laughter and gladness. I would not trade the blessing of having my beautiful daughters for all of the treasures of the world.


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