Remembering Jesus

I haven’t written a post about a talk from the most recent general conference in quite a while. And if I want to finish before next conference I need to do so regularly again.

With Elder W. Christopher’s Waddell’s talk, I want to touch briefly on something that he said at the start of his talk.

He started with a story of a four year old who got kicked out of primary. The child was asked about his behavior, and he responded “Sometimes–Sometimes–it’s just hard for me to think about Jesus.”

This is a really profound quote. The pressures of our day to day life press upon us. In the crush of the ever present distractions of daily life, it does become hard to remember Jesus.

Following the savior provides incredible peace. But I’ve noticed that when I become obsessed with the things of the world, I lose the sense of inner peace. I become quick to anger. I lose that charity which comes through the grace of God. I gain deeper appreciation of Elder Waddell’s declaration that “our ability to travel this road in peace is, in large part, dependent on whether or not we too have a hard time thinking about Jesus. As Elder Waddell makes clear, we need to set a pattern for our lives that helps us to constantly remember Christ. Our happiness truly depeneds on that.


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