Journey through the Book of Mormon: Alma 48 (Firm in the Faith of Christ)

What a stark contrast Mormon paints between Amalickiah and Captain Moroni. Amalickiah was willing to use murder and deceit for his own glory. By contrast Moroni was not concerned with his own glory. Amalickiah was filled with hate while Moroni was motivated by the love of Christ. Amalickiah hoped to suppress liberty and bring men into bondage while Moroni sought after freedom.

Mormon was clearly impressed by Moroni who was a hero to him. He admired this man enough that he likely named his son after him. So others at this time such as Helaman get somewhat short shrift. But I love the verse which was says that they were no less serviceable to the people than Moroni. Moroni was the venerated general and military leader. But those who served God and maintained the spiritual status of the people were just as vital to the effort. Without their preaching the people would have lost their spiritual and moral advantage and eventually would become wicked. The Lord needs righteous public leaders, but he also needs men who are not in the public spotlight but still do an immense amount of God. Mormon understood that both were essential.


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