Journey through the Book of Mormon: Alma 47 (Coming down from the Mountain)

The story of Lehonti and Amalickiah is a fascinating one with spiritual and temporal implications.

From a historical perspective, it is highly unusual and nigh unprecedented to see a whole people and an army simply refusing to take up arms. It suggests that the Lamanite king was loosing control of his people in light of all of the losses at war and the many changes among the people. But unfortunately the people would be again unified in murderous rage by the wicked Amalickiah

Amalickiah’s tactics are smart and devious. He realizes that he needs to earn the trust of the people. So he takes the lead of the king’s army and goes to put down a the rebellion. But he also wants the support of the rebels and knows that warring with them is not the solution. Instead, he slowly takes over the rebellion from the inside.

He knows that his foe will not come down to him, so he goes to him. And then he slowly poisons him in order to kill him without drawing attention to his wickedness.

Amalickiah understood that once we let the devil in the door it is nearly impossible to stop him from gaining power and influence. We cannot trust Satan to do anything but press for our destruction. He never acts out of love or compassion but totally out of self interest.

We can learn much about avoiding Satan’s grasp by studying what those who fell prey to Amalickiah.



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