The Joy of Sharing the Gospel

Elder Rex D. Pinegar of the 70 spoke during the April 1973 session of missionary work, and his talk really resonated with me. Missionary work has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks as I’ve been reading through Alma in the Book of Mormon. I’ve been so grateful that studying these chapters has rekindled a missionary fire that I haven’t felt quite as strongly for a little while.

Elder Pinegar spoke of the blessings that come from a missionary spirit. He emphasized that a “feeling of humble gratitude seems to fill the hearts of every member and missionary who becomes involved in sharing the gospel. As we see the peace and assurance that come to those who receive the gospel, we become more conscious of the great obligation and opportunity we have to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with our friends and neighbors, our brothers and sisters.”

I have seen that this is true. The times when I feel a missionary spark are also times when I feel the presence of the spirit most strongly in my life.

My wife and I are moving to Delaware pretty soon, and while I have absolutely loved living in Utah for the past four years, I am excited to be living somewhere soon where I will regularly be in contact with non-members. It is much harder to find meaningful opportunities to share the Gospel while living in Utah. So I’ve always relished when I travel and am able to share the Gospel with people on planes or other transit.

Elder Pinegar shared some great stories and gave great examples of people who shared the Gospel. I really loved the idea of writing a letter of testimony in order to share the Gospel with others. I was inspired to focus on sharing my testimony with renewed vigor with friends and neighbors.

I love the Gospel and I am so grateful for the incredible blessings it has brought to my life. And I want everyone else to feel that same wonderful joy that I have experienced.


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