The Lord Blessed Me and My Family (A Poem about Amulek)


I had never before known the Lord

Though I had seen his tender mercies

I continued blind unaware of his care

Or more truthfully I blinded myself

Because I did not want to see

But always within I carried a longing

To come to know him someday


And then an answer came

To the secret desire of my soul

An angel, an invitation, and a promise

Of blessings to myself and my family

If I would feed a hungry prophet

How could I resist?
Though I gave him bread, he fed me with the bread of life

Though I gave him a place to rest, he helped me find rest to my soul

For he led me to my savior
How could I express my gratitude?

My riches were wholly inadequate

I could only give God my will and my voice

So when the call came to preach

I did not equivocate
I stood before my friends and neighbors

Called them to repent and come to Christ

They mocked me and tried to trip me up

But I had been in their shoes

I knew the wickedness in their hearts

And I bore witness from the bottom of mine.
One man offered me great wealth

If I would renounce my God

He didn’t understand

That I had found a pearl of great price

And that I would not trade it for tarnished silver
My heart leapt when some believed

But that joy was fleeting

We were bound and forced to watch

As the believers were driven out

And worse

As many were gathered up and burned to death

I cried out at the agony of friends and family

As those whom I had promised blessings instead suffered martyrdom
And as I was bound and thrown into prison

I had to wonder

What happened to those promised blessings

But from deep within

I knew that it was all true

And the promise of eternal life

Lit up the dark dungeon bright
I cried out for deliverance

And the prison walls fell

As tears of gratitude filled my eyes

I came to know my savior well
Yet I could not help but mourn

As I counted the cost of what I’d lost

Fortune, friends, and family all gone

I was overcome with agony


But as my faith began to falter

My friend and brother reached out

And led me from the deep abyss
And though I’ve paid a terrible cost

I still declare with the same firm voice

That the Lord blessed me and family

When he led Alma to my door that day



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