Journey through the Book of Mormon: Alma 42 (Do not endeavor to excuse yourself )

1 And now, my son, I perceive there is somewhat more which doth worry your mind, which ye cannot understand—which is concerning the justice of God in the punishment of the sinner; for ye do try to suppose that it is injustice that the sinner should be consigned to a state of misery.

30 O my son, I desire that ye should deny the justice of God no more. Do not endeavor to excuse yourself in the least point because of your sins, by denying the justice of God; but do you let the justice of God, and his mercy, and his long-suffering have full sway in your heart; and let it bring you down to the dust in humility.

Corianton had allowed his doubts about the justice of God’s plan lead him into great sin. It seems to me that this is something we commonly were in the church today among those who are suffering doubts. Uncertainty or disbelief about one aspect of God’s plan leads one to doubt other aspects as well. And this opens the door for Satan to suggest that maybe god is wrong when he told us not to do a particular thing. Perhaps the warnings of God against sexual sin are just old fashioned suggestions? Satan then has us in his power as he leads us to rationalize greater and greater deviations from the safety of God’s commandments.

Lack of understanding does not give license to disobedience. We are to seek greater light and knowledge even while living consistent with divine principles. We must unequivocally reject deviations from God’s norm in order to avoid opening the door to Satan’s great deception.


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