Messengers from Beyond the Grave

President Nelson’s talk was absolutely one of my favorites from conference. I was captivated from the first moment as President Nelson shared his incredible story of two sweet spirits from beyond the grave urging him to help bring reconciliation and eternal blessings to their family.

A couple things stood out to me. First, I adored how deeply President Nelson felt about this family. His was an example in charitable service. Decades later he still remembered and cared about them.

Second, it is incredible that he acting on this prompting even though the door had been closed for so many years. Third, he delivered his message with apostolic boldness.

Finally, and most significantly, it is incredible that we have such a story of angelic ministration from beyond the veil. We get so used to such stories that we take them for granted. But someone who has passed reached out to the living beginning him to help secure their temple blessings. That’s extraordinary! We should not at all take it for granted.

I too have felt the influence from beyond the grave as those who have passed have communicated their desire for temple blessings. I have felt their presence in the ordinance rooms and sealing rooms. I have been overwhelmed with their feeling of overwhelming joy. It is one of the supreme blessings of membership in Christ’s Church to have this literal ministering of angels. 

Above all else that President Nelson taught–and I may yet write a post about the reminder of his talk–this simple story had a greater impact on me than everything else. And it was exactly what I needed to hear shortly after losing my father.


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