The Gospel is Never more Beautiful

In his closing remarks for the October 1972 conference, Harold B. Lee reflected on an experience that he had many years before:

“I was at Manti, Utah, some years ago. As we came out of the Saturday night leadership meeting, there was a heavy snowstorm. As we drove to the home of the stake president, he stopped his car and turned back to the temple hill. There the lighted temple was standing majestically. We sat there in silence for a few moments, inspired by the sight of that beautiful, sacred place. He said, ‘You know, Brother Lee, that temple is never more beautiful than in times of a dense fog or in times of a heavy, severe storm.'”

I have written about seeing the Boston temple in the distance on a cold winter night and being given guidance and comfort from it. I believe that the temple serves as a powerful beacon in the darkness. When we look to the temple the fog is lifted and we see things clearly.

And as President Lee notes, this is true for everything in the Gospel.”Just so, never is the gospel of Jesus Christ more beautiful than in times of intense need, or in times of a severe storm within us as individuals, or in times of confusion and turmoil”

I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ both in times of joy and in times of trial. But in those moments of difficulty the message of Jesus Christ shines through so much more beautifully. The knowledge that this life is part of God’s eternal plan fills with joy. The wonder of the atonement fills with awe. And the knowledge of eternity fills with hope. There is nothing more profound that knowing that God loves us and has done everything to help provide for our eternal joy and eternal life.


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