Making our Home a Heaven on Earth

I don’t have too much to say about Elder Ballard’s talk on family councils. I can do so much better in applying these principles to my family. So this talk was a useful example.

I especially loved this promise that Elder Ballard gave us for improving our family and bringing more unity and charity into our lives: “We can, with Heavenly Father and our Savior’s help, become more patient, thoughtful, helpful, forgiving, and understanding as we pray for help. With Their help, we can make our homes a little bit of heaven here on earth.”

I truly believe that Christlike compassion and love is a gift of the spirit. We need god’s help to keep peace and harmony. I have seen that when I lose focus of my father in heaven things tend to spiral out of control in my home. I need his help and Christ’s grace. 

I love that the church provides means to get that grace into our families. Prayer, councils, FHE- each of these tools help us to center our family life on the savior.


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