Journey through the Book of Mormon: Alma 26 (Sheaves in the Garners)

I love what Elder Bednar has written about the link between the gathering of sheaves and the temple.

“The sheaves in this analogy represent newly baptized members of the Church. The garners are the holy temples. Elder Neal A. Maxwell explained: “Clearly, when we baptize, our eyes should gaze beyond the baptismal font to the holy temple. The great garner into which the sheaves should be gathered is the holy temple” (in John L. Hart, “Make Calling Focus of Your Mission,” Church News, Sept. 17, 1994, 4). This instruction clarifies and emphasizes the importance of sacred temple ordinances and covenants—that the sheaves may not be wasted.”

Ultimately, those who are new converts must be directed towards the destination of the temple because it is there that sacred covenants can be made which can establish and make eternal our conversion. The blessings of the temple are so meaningful. The temple provides deep knowledge and a greater certainty. It provides a glimpse of eternity. It allows us to endure trials while maintaining an eternal perspective. When the storms batter us, our covenants hold us secure in a deeply rooted faith.

As a missionary I found strength in this teaching. Helping new converts see baptism as an imitation point rather than a destination was essential. Helping them see the temple covenants as their next goal gave them direction and purpose. 


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