Journey through the Book of Mormon: Alma 25 (Converted in the Wilderness)

6 For many of them, after having suffered much loss and so many afflictions, began to be stirred up in remembrance of the words which Aaron and his brethren had preached to them in their land; therefore they began to disbelieve the traditions of their fathers, and to believe in the Lord, and that he gave great power unto the Nephites; and thus there were many of them converted in the wilderness.
Last chapter, we saw the amazing conversion of many among the Lamanities who had engaged in the slaughter of the innocent converts. In this chapter, we continue to see the ripples of their courageous act. Even those who had kept fighting and clinging to their grievances eventually because disillusioned from fighting and bloodshed. And they were converted to the truth.

What’s impressive about this group is that they must have known that they risked death when they decided to convert. They knew that Amulon and his seed had put the righteoues to death. They had indeed been instruments of destruction. Yet, their faith was strong enough and their conversion deep enough that they were willing to risk all. And then they were required to pay the ultimate price for their faith.


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