Journey through the Book of Mormon: Alma 12 (Chains of Hell)

The imagery of Satan encircling one with chains and chaining them down to destruction is a very powerful and poingiant one. And Alma further elaborates on this image and explains exactly how this chaining occurs.

Satan causes those in his grasp to reject the light that they have been given. Then, that light dims and dims until it is a bare flicker. And in that state, the person is blind and numb to the things of the spirit. He cannot apply the atonement because he cannot see the need for it. Satan appeals to pride and vanity. And he appeals to avarice and lust. He appeals to all these inclinations which push us away from God and from the realization that we need God. And in that state he has us in his grasp.

But one day, we will all have the scales removed from our eyes and the chains removed from our bodies. We will stand before God and see things as they truly are. And awful will be our state if we realize that we have wasted our days of probation and failed to repent. 

And even worse, I suspect that some will be so blinded by the lies of Satan that they will not want to repent even then. Even in that moment of perfect clarity they will love sin more than they love God. They will curse at him and wish to die. The chains of hell are powerful. Fortunately, the atonement of Christ is even more powerful.


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