I Know

I’ve had many conversations with friends both inside and outside of the Church who have asked me how I can get up and testify not only that I believe that Jesus is the Christ and that this is his church, but that I know it to be true. I’ve been accused of being arrogant for saying that I am certain that the truth claims of this Church are not merely good but absolute and literal truth.

Elder Bruce R. Mconkie spoke poingiantly of the gift of revelation and the blessing of knowledge that is promised to all seekers of truth and especially to members of Christ’s church:

“As members of the church and kingdom of God on earth, we enjoy the gifts of the Spirit–those wonders and glories and miracles that a gracious and benevolent God always has bestowed upon his faithful saints. The first of these gifts listed in our modern revelation on spiritual gifts is the gift of testimony, the gift of revelation, the gift of knowing of the truth and divinity of the work. This gift is elsewhere described as the testimony of Jesus, which is the spirit of prophecy. This is my gift. I know this work is true.”

As a spiritual gift, this type of knowledge is not given to all instantly or at one time. Some are given one gift and others another. Some are given the faith to believe rather than the faith to know. Belief is nothing to look down upon. It is nothing to be ashamed of. But our ultimate goal must be knowledge and certainty. 

Those who deny the possibility of certain knowledge from the spirit mock the gifts of God and deny his power. For he has promised us that we may know not just believe divine truth.

 That gift was bestowed upon the Apostles of Old, as Peter recieved his witness that Jesus was the Christ from the spirit of God. And countless others came to certain knowledge of Christ trough that spirit. And that same gift is available in our day:

“And I know further that the Lord pours out upon his people today the same glorious and wondrous gifts enjoyed by the ancient saints. To us in this day he gives the spirit of prophecy and of revelation, even as he did to them of old. “I will tell you” the glories and wonders of the everlasting gospel, he says; “I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart. Now, behold, this is the spirit of revelation.” (D&C 8:2–3.)”

Spiritual knowledge is deeply personal. It cannot be demonstrated through scientific method. But for the recieved, that knowledge is certain and true. It is unmistakeable.

I’m so grateful that spiritual knowledge is one of the gifts I’ve recieved from the spirit. That knowledge is what keeps me going when challenges come my way. I truly believe that God wants to bees toe that gift on all of his children. He invites us all to ask and seek this knowledge.

Like Elder Mconckie I have been given this gift of knowledge. I know that Christ lives as I know that I live. I know his church is true just as I know that anything in this life is good and true. 


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