Drowning and Being Rescued

I loved the story that Sister Durham uses to introduce her talk. She describes a father carrying his daughter through the water when the father begins to sink. He tries to come up for air but is pulled down. In desperation he finally realizes that his shoes have taken on water and are causing him to drown.

I think this is an apt metaphor  for life and especially for fatherhood. As we carry out children figuratively on our shoulders the   responsibility we hold for them weighs us down. And when lifes challenges further weigh us down. If we are also carrying our own burdens and especially the burden of sin, then we will quickly begin to sink.

As a father, its easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. The world is a frightening place. And nothing makes you feel more inadequate than being responsible for another human soul.

In such moments, we must kick off the boots that weigh is down through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of his atonement. Just as Peter called on Christ as he began to sink, we too can call on Christ. And he will quickly come to our rescue and the rescue of our precious children.


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