Hearing, Feeling, and Acting

In his Women’s Conference talk, President Eyring emphasizes to his listeners the feelings he hopes they will have felt from the session and his talk, and the commitments he hopes they make. 
This is a highly effective way of teaching which I tried to use as a missionary and try to use when I teach Sunday school. It helps focus the listener on particular emotions and more importantly particular actions.

The three feelings that Elder Eyeing hopes to underline include love, the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and a desire to draw closer to God. President Eyring hopes that all who listen will come to know that these feelings are not by chance but from God. The good that we feel and burst of inspiration we receive from conference are not to be second guessed or question but to be acted upon.

And that is ultimately Preaident Eyring’s message. Those feelings should prompt us to action. “For Every daughter of God who hears and believes the messages of this meeting will ask, ‘What will the Lord have me do to help Him give succor to those in need?'” If we have felt and believed, then we must ask and act.

We should be prompted to go out and serve with confidence that if God has inspired us to act, he will also help to prepare the way. And we should remember him as we go out to serve and pray for his constant help and guidance.


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