Journey through the Book of Mormon: Jacob 1 (For Christ’s Sake)

“And if there were preaching which was sacred, or revelation which was great, or prophesying, that I should engraven the heads of them upon these plates, and touch upon them as much as it were possible, for Christ’s sake, and for the sake of our people.”

As I read these verses, I was struck for the first time by the fact that Nephi instructs Jacob to write on the plates not only “for the sake of our people,” but also “for Christ’s sake.”

This verse is a powerful reminder that there is no one more concerned with the outcome of our labors than Christ. As much as we care about our family, friends, and acquaintances Christ cares ever more deeply. There is no one that we encounter on a day to day basis that Christ does not love with the same infinite love and compassion he shows to us.

When we are given an assignment or calling, how much more motivated would we be if we remembered we were doing it for Christ’s sake? If we remembered that it is he who has given us the calling and he who cares about those we serve deeply. How much more aware of opportunities to serve would we be if we remembered that we were acting on Christ’s sake? For when we help those in need, we are doing the work of Christ.

I’m grateful for this reminder to rededicate myself in the service of Christ and to remember that when I do his will I act for his sake.


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