Journey through the Book of Mormon: 2 Nephi 12 (Swords into Plow-shares)

One can easily see why these words would have so resonated with Nephi and his followers.

Isaiah begins by speaking of the millennial day when the temples of the lord would become beacons to the world. As Nephi’s people built a temple in their new land, they could imagine the joyful day with longing. Isaiah also speaks of swords beat into plowshares, comforting promises to a people who had to make swords to defend against their former brethren. and when swords would be beat into plowshares.

Isaiah’s description of the fallen people in Jerusalem would have served as a reminder and a warning. A reminder of why they had left Jerusalem, and a warning to avoid the same pitfalls as they built their new society.

In a land full of abundant riches and “full of silver and gold,” Isaiah’s depiction of the pride cycle would have seemed prophetic. The people in Jerusalem came to “worship the work of their own hands” and refused to humble themselves.  Therefore they were destroyed. In order to preserve their peaceful and harmonious society, the Nephites would have to do otherwise.



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