Journey through The Book of Mormon: 1 Nephi 7 (Ishmael)

I would love to know more about Ishmael and how he was convinced to leave everything behind to follow Lehi. He wasn’t a son of Lehi and so wasn’t expected to follow as Laman and Lemuel were.I wonder if he responded to Levi’s initial preaching and was converted and therefore quickly responded in faith when the sons of Lehi approached him.

We sadly don’t know much about him. But he doesn’t rebel along with his daughters and that implies he had strong faith.

He also dies in the wilderness not long after leaving, so his health either wasn’t that great or it sharply declined in the journey. To set off in that condition must have required added faith in the promised blessings of God.

Ishmael is just one of many faithful people of God that we sadly know little about. I’m nevertheless grateful for his example.


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