LDS Living Free Subscription Giveaway

I have been asked to help sponsor a give away of a years subscription to LDS Living. When I first saw a copy of LDS Living in the waiting room of my wife’s doctor I was pretty skeptical about the magazine. I imagined that it would be schmaltzy and full of low quality faith promoting stories. But as I looked at the magazine, I was actually pretty impressed by the quality of the stories that I saw there. One of my favorites is their cover story on a book My Name Used to be Muhammad which I subsequently read and reviewed here. Indeed, one of the most valuable things that I have found on their site are their summaries of books by general authorities and other church leaders. For instance, they recently put up a list of Elder Scott’s 21 Principles to Help you Live by the Spirit from his most recent book. I have found the content on their site highly faith promoting and often quite insightful and valuable.

Until the end of the year, LDS Living is having a promotion on subscriptions. A year long subscription is only $12.00.

In order to win a free subscription, you have to leave a comment on this blog. I will select a winner in a week (Wed. Nov. 19th).

While you are here, I encourage you to take a look at some of the posts I have written and leave comments. Some of the posts that I recommend would be this talk on my conversion to the Gospel given in 2009, this post about my choice to serve a mission,  this post outlining my gradual conversion to supporting the Church’s position on the family, and posts defending the church’s position on gay marriage.



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