Teaching Primary– Any advice?

My Wife and I were recently called to teach in primary, and next Sunday will be our first Sunday teaching. The children are very small (around age 3) and so it’s really more of a sunbeam/primary. It’s also a very small primary (only about 3 people). Anyone who has taught primary before have any advice? 

We are both very excited for the calling and the opportunity to interact with the really cute children 🙂

We are especially interested in figuring out how to make the lessons more structured and rewarding….

My wife and I are newlyweds without any kids of our own (yet), so any advice would be helpful…. Thanks!


One thought on “Teaching Primary– Any advice?

  1. Read the manual and be prepared. You have one of the most important callings ever. I have found the manuals are so inspired! 3 year olds have a hard time sitting down but if you give them positive encouragement they’ll stay in their seats. If they start to wander it’s probably time to change the activity. Good luck! I ❤ Primary!

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