Reactions to Conference

This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to see the Sunday Morning Session in person with a group of international delegates as part of the law school’s Law and Religion Symposium.  I loved every minute of the session and especially loved the beautiful hymns ( O Divine Redeemed and Master the Tempest is Raging are two of my all time favorites). I felt inspired and nurtured by the words of the prophet and his apostles. I felt a confirming testimony that these men are called of God.

Because I was at conference, I didn’t see the myriad of tweets and blog comments about the session. As I got home, I went to several of the top sites on the blogosphere and began to look at the comments. I felt like I was stepping into a parrallel universe. Instead of focusing on the incredible spiritual bounty of the session, the comments were often petty or focused on trivial matters. Even worse, many were openly derisive of the inspired teachings of the Lord and his servant.

(Examples of Trivial Comments: “President Uchtdorf’s tie selection this morning isn’t one of his better choices, ”  “I love President Eyring’s talks. He’s a very wise man and he doesnt mince words.BUT: his mouth noises make my flesh crawl, to the point that I literally can’t listen to his talks. It’s a problem I struggle with a lot during GC” (BCC).

(Examples of openly derisive comments: “Well this talk is a downer compared to the prior talk “Marriage is between a man and a woman who are legally married.” Well, guess the guys in the bible with the concubines are screwed. And all the polygamists;” (BCC) “(DOES THIS TALK NOT END????);” “QUITE offended atm. he gets up there and starts slamming mormon feminists. Stay in the home dont neglect childbearing. UGH AND THEN he starts slamming gay marriage and tells us that we need to get married younger and that young women are making bad choices by choosing careers instead of childbearing. REALLY. mind your own flipping business about sexual relations.” (Feminist Mormon Housewives)).

One of the worst comments I saw on  a recent blog suggested that the poster wished that Elder Packer would die already so that the church could progress. How sad, petty and disgusting. I think such comments ( depending on the spirit with which they are uttered) are close to speaking evil of the Lord’s anointed. Dissenting or disagreeing is fine, but questioning the inspiration of the Lord’s servants or wishing them ill is not acceptable for an individual who has made sacred temple covenants.

A note to those that make such comments. When almost half of the talks by the Apostles of God at a conference reiterate the same theme and same message ( at times almost word for word)… If you disagree then maybe you should consider that it isn’t them that are out of line with the will of God, but you.

I wish I could find a place on the internet for spiritual discussions that do not devolve into such irreverent or sacrilegious discussions…. If anyone has a suggestion of such a place, please let me know.


4 thoughts on “Reactions to Conference

  1. As I was reading what was said about conference in the news, it seemed like everyone was writing about the woman who tried to get into the Priesthood session. It is a shame that the focus was on them and not on what the leaders and speakers said during confidence.

    There is an LDS group on Facebook I find mostly refreshing. Search for “LDS”, not “Mormon”,

  2. I’ve been hearing similar comments for a couple of years about President Packer. It makes my blood boil. They say these comments because they are under the impression that President Packer and President Packer alone is keeping the Church in the thralls of these “anti-same-sex-activity” doctrines.

    Newsflash: Elder Perry is next in line after President Packer. Did they hear his talk last conference? Elder Nelson is next in line after Elder Perry. Did they hear his talk this conference? Elder Oaks, actually, is the statistically most likely to be our next prophet. Did they hear his talk this conference? Then, statistically speaking, it’s Elder Holland and then Elder Bednar. Did they hear Elder Bednar’s talk last conference?

    The *entire line of succession* for the next 30 years has spoken (see, e.g., Do they really think these doctrines will die with President Packer? It’s silly and stupid to think that.

  3. It’s a shame that so much of the noisest LDS web presence writes in such a fashion. Thank you for taking a different approach however – I think if that is to change, it will be due to efforts of blogs like yours.

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