Until that Promised Day

In my last post, I mentioned Maxim an individual I taught on my mission whom I recently discovered had tragically died. I wrote a poem in honor of him and wanted to post it here.



A light glowing in a dream

A chance to soar and to fly

The water beckons you to try

Despite the demons circling round

Mocking and denying the truth you’ve found

For just a moment you are free

Midst the darkness you briefly see

And feel the love of Gethsemane 

The one who suffered for you and me

And though through his hands they drove the nails

His courage did not fail

And as his parting words were spoken

Yet his legs remained unbroken 

And the day will soon come

When you will once again be free to run

And look upon the mercy seat

And fall and worship at his feet

One day because of him we will rise

And I will look into your eyes

Farewell until that promised day

God be with you till we meet again I pray



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