Work of Salvation- Missionary Broadcast Live Blog

I am going to be live blogging the worldwide leadership broadcast: The Work of Salvation

Beautiful music with all the MTC missionaries and ward members from Provo singing. I am glad there are so many sister missionaries serving

Elder Holland is conducting and emphasizes that this is the biggest zone conference that any of these missionaries will ever participate in. He emphasized the importance of missionary work.

Elder Holland emphasized that sisters including the relief society should be included in ward council meetings 🙂

This is a historic broadcast similar to a giant stake/ward council. Elder Holland thanks those upon whose backs missionary work rests including ward mission leaders, bishops and area authorities.

Elder Holland thanks all those that have served including those that are just about to finish their service. One year ago today I was in that category, so I am pretty nostalgic this week. I am so happy that I was able to serve and that those serving today are going out at such an exciting time.

70 are called to preach the gospel and lead missionary work in the whole world. 70’s have an important role in missionary work. Everyone reports to the 12 and the 1st presidency through the 70.

Coordinating councils were one member missionary councils…They are always tied to missionary work.

Elder Holland testifies that heavenly father has a profound interest in the missionary work. He is intimately involved in the work. We can feel him guiding us, lifting us and directing us. With him we can achieve things that would otherwise be impossible.

Elder Perry-  It is a new era of missionary work in the church. The response to the age change was overwhelming and it impacted those affected immensely. The opportunity to teach the gospel has never been greater.

As the numbers increased…We have asked what will these missionaries do? The same thing they have always done.. Follow the savior and preach the gospel. Stake Presidents, Bishops and Mission Presidents must work together in this digital age to help the work of the missionaries. They will share the message of Christ and his Atonement, Book of Mormon and Prophets

Back on his mission, Elder Perry shared the same message, but differently, Now, the world has changed and its much harder to share the gospel on the street or door to door. Today its much harder. People are much busier. Today so many people encounter missionary work on the internet. The  nature of missionary must change. They are now authorized to use the internet in less productive times especially the internet to contact investigators and members, contact referrals etc… They can use, blogs, facebook etc. Will be phased in gradually over the next few months to various missions. Mission Presidents will monitor them.

One of the problems is that people come to our buildings and they are closed. We are opening chapels for guided tours where they can be taught in a place where they can feel the spirit.

We invite young and old everywhere to join with us in this exciting new work…To become facebook friends with the missionaries and to share the gospel online.

Since the announcement many have answered the call. Now there are 70,204 serving. 58 New Missions this year bringing the total to 405. This year we have called 173 new Mission Presidents more than that any other time. The missionaries and presidents have answered the Lord’s call. Now he is calling on us to serve alongside them and him to help in this work. Members must change the way they think about missionary work. What we as members are asked to do has not changed, but the way in which we fulfill our responsibilities must adapt to a changing world.

54 years ago- Every member a missionary . President Hinckley- A better way not involving tracting and etc. President Monson- Outlining better way for missionaries and members to work.

“After all that has been said the greatest duty is to preach the gospel.” Nothing has changed. No matter our calling or station it is our greatest responsibility

We should become one in purpose in missionary work. We are not united enough. Think we see ultimate goal..but we do not see our purpose. Like a sports team where everyone all at once is trying to score goals. Missionaries have the purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ… If our duty is to preach then our purpose is clear. By our membership each of us is called and commissioned to invite others, be they less active, inactive, new or non-members, to come unto Christ, learn of the restored gospel…have faith repent, be baptized etc… This responsibility does not rest solely on the missionaries. If we let missionaries do it alone they will knock on doors day after day and the harvest will be meek.

We are ideally suited to offer invitations to those we know…We hope it will be accepted, but if not we should continue to demonstrate friendship and Christ-like love. Those we are friends with should know our relationship is not a mean to an end but a lasting friendship. This work will move forward under the proper keys (Ward mission plan)- Simple and with concrete goals to help people participate in member missionary work, retention and activation… Coordinate with the missionaries!

Ward council works to identify people to be reached out to and figure out who can best do it. Also to coordinate less actives. Work with the missionaries to fill their planners. Accompany them on meetings…

Too few receive new member discussions. We should act out of our own free will and be anxiously engaged.

Elder Perry talked about his friend Scott and his willingness to share the Gospel. For him it was unimaginable that someone could not be a member.  He wasn’t assigned to do so, but was fulfiling his covenant to share the gospel at all times and places. We likewise should not wait for an assignment to invite, but be ready to do so.

Also, we have a duty to comfort those that stand in need of comfort… Help less actives and those struggling.

We should pray to bring our brothers back to God like Alma did before the mission to the Zoramites.

We will have success when ward councils, members and missionaries are all united in the Lord’s purposes. It’s an exciting time to be involved.

Really cool video accompanying Ill go where you want me to go…Of a family preaching in various life situations. My wife really liked the kid inviting the other kids on the bus to his baptism :). It was very cute.

Elder Holland- We avoid inviting people for fear of offending them. However, an invitation that is born of our love for others and love of Jesus Christ and desire for their happiness will never be seen as judgmental or offensive.  Lord’s final commission was to teach and baptize. Lord’s joy is great when a qualified person is baptized and it also brings us great joy.


Elder Anderson (via video)-  We are grateful as we visit your various stakes and wards for being eager to do missionary work.  We all constantly remind ourselves that ours is a spiritual work. It begins on our knees. While we do look at calendars, it is when we go out that we bring about his purposes. We work in faith that he will guide our steps and bring about his purposes. We should be unified in purpose and love.  These principals should be evident in your ward councils

Three stories from Tampa, FL

#1- Saw a name no one recognized in the Ward Council. Assigned it to someone to go visit.  Her husband began meeting with the missionaries ( non-member). First Sunday he was about to leave after sacrament meeting, but the bishop met with him. He invited them to meet with the Stake President and he eventually decided to be baptized…

As we do our best and wait upon the Lord we will see miracles and not fail. If we trust in him he will lead us by the hand and miracles will follow. True in every nation, culture and language

Video from Hong Kong in a ward council about a success story

Story #2- Stake President who invited people to his daughter’s baptism. Others in the ward started doing the same…One sister invited all her daughters friends to the baptism, but no one came. However, after that a miracle happened. A less active woman who had not been to church in more than a decade had a son who was friends with the daughter. She had  dreams about the church, and saw the invitation to the baptism. They came to the birthday party and members and missionaries began to befriend them. She returned to church and her husband and son were baptized.

Wishing will not make it so..the Lord requires action.

Story #3- Ward that was not having baptisms Realized they needed to take care of those they had. Took names and went out to look for them. Invited PEC  and then Elder’s Quorum and High Priest Group. The ward changed dramatically as well and more people got involved in missionary work. The people in the ward got excited and began sharing a lot more.

Video from India- Where the same thing is happening going to people’s homes and bearing testimony.

There are more examples and stories on the website for the broadcast.

As we do our very best… the Lord will be with us and he will labor with us.

In Tampa when he was there 32 brethren received the Priesthood and Elder Anderson was amazed at the miracles that had taken place in their lives.

His testimony that he knows the Lord is real and will help in the work.

Musical montage- I hope they call me on a mission and Army of Heleman ( Really cute with lots of pictures of kids preparing for missions :P) Good representation of both men and women preparing which is nice.


Elder Holland- Baptism is the first step and the messages so far teach how to help establish or re-establish the Church. We will now hear from Elder Nelson who chairs the missionary department. Then, President Packer will talk about teaching.

Elder Nelson- This is an historic meeting because we have 173 new mission presidents from 19 different countries. Serving in 50 nations. 70,000+ missionaries. The Lord is hastening his work along.

Missionary work comes alive when we hear stories of conversion.

Conversation with Sister Neil F. Marriot in relief society presidency-  She converted to the church in Boston when she was 22 ( I feel a good connection there because I joined the Church in Boston at 21 🙂 ). Her friends told her she was Mormon and the missionaries came over. She had many questions,but they kept coming and taught about the Plan of Salvation. When they taught her about the pre-mortal existence she recognized those words- they were familiar to her–. She was asked about the Book of Mormon and surprisingly said she thought it was true. The friend asked her what she was going to do…and she promised to pray honestly and sincerely to know if to be baptized. Immediately a voice in her head or heart told her it was true. She was almost surprised at the answer, but knew she should be baptized.

Her first calling was genealogy related and so she got to do a lot of family history. As she did so she felt that the room was full of people interested in happy with what she was doing. Within the first 2-3 years she did about 70 names.

Her husband was one of the members who asked her about the church and they got married 13 months later. They have 11 children.. (THey got married and the children just started coming).

Her advice for women seeking balance- Though she loves church meetings her heart was in her home. Sometimes she missed meetings, but it blessed her family.

Elder Nelson says to note the role of members and ancestors on the other side of the veil. Her conversion blessed generations.

Too often we split the Lord’s work into parts- Preaching, serving, reactivating, family history, temple work etc.. But really its indivisible. All one work. Ancestors on the other side shout for joy when someone accepts the gospel or returns. I hope that everyone can experience that lifting love from ancestors.

Parable- A father at bedtime. The father feels a prompting to check on his children after they go to bed. He feels great love for them. (Patience with children comes easier when they are asleep)…He checks on his older children and finds that one of their beds is empty. She is in the study quietly reading a book. He talks to her. The next morning waits for them for breakfast and goes to get a missing child.

He did all he did out of love.. So it is with missionary work. The most effective missionaries act out of love. They don’t need a handbook to tell them what to do.

Opportunities come in many ways and sadly some are missed opportunities. All eight of Elder Nelson’s grandparents were converts and emigrated to America. Some of his parent’s generation drifted from activity. His parents didn’t attend services. They lived away from their parents, and out of constant concern for them he wrote a letter to their bishop. Bishop couldn’t really help because he had no one to help them. This should never happen again.

His parents eventually were sealed, but he never forgot that lesson. Heavenly Father draws no line of distinction between inactives and non-members. The Lord excludes no one. Missionaries and members labor for the salvation of souls…Both active and inactive.

Reach to rescue those that have fallen away…

Bishop and Ward Mission Leader set the pace…Mission leaders teach regularly and encourage the work finding people to teach. Ward mission leader direct the work and coordinates. Elevated role. Asking Ward Mission Leaders to really step up and help the missionaries. Leave them with no time to knock on doors.

There are no books that tell us exactly what to do. We should be ready to act and take initiative out of love.

Single members can change everything…

Video of a a stake/ward where there wasn’t a lot of missionary work and a drought. There was a fast for missionary work and rain…Everyone began to get involved.

Missionaries are just there to assist us in the work that we are supposed to do. Help keep their calenders full. Went from 4 to 20 member present lessons in a week.

Story of a family that had fellowship and then met with the missionaries and were baptized etc…

With love we can plan and rescue with inspiration of the father.. Set a place at the table for those who should be there and not just those who come…


Elder Packer- (via video)  70 years ago he was in Japan wondering what to do after the war had ended. He decided to be a teacher…Here he is 70 years later with the same desire.

Live so you can depend on the spirit rather than living reading from a script.

You will become much better that way then you could otherwise.

We deserve little credit for ourselves because the spirit is the generative power. Power to teach does not come from us..

Priesthood holders don’t come close to power of a mother to teach her children.

Word of lord will come to us if we are obedience. Obedience is not a bad word…

Re in repent means we have to do it again and again

President Packer always amazes me with his acknowledgements that even after 70 years he has so much to learn. He is a truly wonderful disciple of Christ and continues to fight for him despite all the criticism he receives.


Elder Holland- Lord is calling us to do far more than has been done to share the Gospel

President Monson will speak and add his witness. Despite his loss of his wife he wanted to add his testimony. Elder Holland advises us to listen carefully to his words.

President Monson- Thanks everyone for their kind remarks since the loss of his wife.

Speaking about his time as a mission president. Endorses all that was said today. No proclamation more relevant, instruction more binding etc… than the Lord’s command to preach the Gospel to all the world.

The Lord will bless us as we act in faith in his work.

Video clip of the Canadian saints in St. Thomas (120 miles away from Toronto)

Church ward there was really small (12 people). Then, a branch president leader asked to meet and declared that they would work to get a new building there. Six more missionaries were assigned and they met together and looked through the phone book at architects ( to build the new building) he picked one from the phonebook. He did the same for plumbers, craftsmen etc… The branch began to experience marvelous growth and within two years the building was built.

The principles of missionary work remain the same even many many years later. As the number of missionaries increase I implore you to exercise your faith and consider who you will invite to your home to meet with the missionaries.  He will sanctify your efforts and you will be able to do more to lift the lives of others.

Ending with Called to Serve 🙂


My Thoughts- I enjoyed the broadcast and love the new focus on missionary work. Though there was nothing revolutionary announced, the news that missionaries will be using Facebook, blogs and social media is exciting. I think that missionaries will have a greater impact as they are able to add those they teach on Facebook and respond with them regularly. One difficulty in our mission was the inability to stay in touch with people often enough because they were busy and mostly wanted to talk online. It is an exciting time to be a missionary and a member of the Church.

I know this is the true Church and the Lord’s kingdom. As we share the Gospel the lord will bless us in our efforts. He loves us and is mindful of us. I invite those reading my blog to take seriously the words of the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord and to prayerfully seek to invite those around them unto Christ.