Fireside- Using Social Media to Share the Gospel

Tonight my stake had a Fireside about how members can effectively use the internet and social media to share the gospel. Since this is a topic I care a lot about, I was excited to attend and wanted to share what was said and my thoughts.

The speaker, Jacob Black is the Manager of social media and emerging technology for the Church. He was really well versed in all of the various internet technologies and his presentation was quite effective. He asked us explicitly not to live blog or tweet about a couple of particulars. The most exciting was a comment about the level of excitement with which the leaders of the Church view the online work and especially the potential for in Europe. I am so excited to be a member of the church at this time and to be able to share the gospel using such incredible tools 🙂


Notes from the talk

75% of members have negative feelings associated with missionary work. A lot of negative feelings and emotions are associated. 

He wants us to feel optimistic about the possibility for to share the Gospel. In our age we have greater power and also a great responsibility to share the gospel.

Elder Ballard- Hawaii commencement talk Dec 2007 – Urging members to engage in conversations about the church. Change perceptions one conversation at the time.Participate using new media. Share in simple, clear terms. 


2009 Research study of perceptions of the church..-

Negative – Non Christian, Cultish, Controlling, Secretive, Weird, Pushy, Anti-gay, Racist

Positive- Family oriented and Dedicated

Talking about we watched the videos of Jenna Kim Jones who works for the Daily Show, also the video of Paris who grew up in the south ( I actually met him in the MTC and his mission experience was getting filmed), and of Brandon Flowers of the Killers. 


I love these videos because they are so powerful and show the diverse perspectives of members. I love how much joy the individuals portrayed show and how clear it is that their faith helps them.

The videos are all screened by several 70 and even two members of the twelve and members of the presiding bishopric.

Elder Nelson video about creating a profile. 

We went through the different features of Mormon.Org and talked about some stories of people who found the Church through Someone from the Pacific Island who chatted online and within 10 minutes had missionaries at her door. Another one who chatted with an online missionary and she actually came to Provo to be baptized.

352,800 chats

126,780 Profiles (Kind of low)

250,000 Started but not completed. 

20, 842, 865 visitors in the last 12 months

48, 870, 506 page views

He went and saw the Book of Mormon musical and while there passed along pass-along cards and invited people to the temple open house in Calgary. He ran into this couple again after the show, and they agreed to go to the temple open house. 

Elder Holland endorsed using these cards 🙂


They will be doing TV Ads soon including one with Alex Boye


Expandable Banner Ads or Pre-Roll Banner Ads on Hulu or Youtube- “I Believe motherhood is the loudest messiest and best job in the world.”

Controlling the keyword Mormon on google search Answering really important questions ( We watched the ones about Garments)

Using Social Media- Elder Perry quote about utalizing social media from October 2011

  • Add your voice to the conversation
  • The information we have to share is the most important in the world.

1.42 million likes which gives a reach of 193 million people if everyone shared something on Facebook. (10% of the world population). From 33 different countries. 


Youtube over 33.5 million views of the profiles. 

Twitter 38,900 Followers

Google +


Sharing such simple statements of faith can start a cascade that can change a life…


NYC Taxi Ads and Banners


Zach Braff tweeted about ads saying that Jews need ads.


Christmas Ad in Times Sqaure/ New Years ad


Colbert Report

Book of Mormon musical playbills- 

The London/UK Initative

Tomorrow is Going live!

Going to take over Charing Cross station and have 200 double-decker busses. Videos with British Mormons. 



Latin America Easter Initative (Starting today in every latin american country except for Brazil) On Easter week one of the top stories you will see is Easter…

The Church has a lot of backlog on the profiles and they take a little bit of a lower profile at times.



One thought on “Fireside- Using Social Media to Share the Gospel

  1. This is very interesting information.

    I felt the Spirit prompt me to start my blog back in 2007. Literally 1 week after that, I heard Elder Ballard’s talk.

    I think the Lord does indeed want many of us to use these tools to bless the lives of others.

    Speaking of which, would you mind sharing your conversion story on my blog as a guest blogger sometime? If so, email me directly at aaron_m_anderson4677 at yahoo dot com.

    I have a few hundred readers/day…not much, but I think your story would help those who do visit.

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