Brandon Flowers defends his faith against Richard Dawkins!

This clip has been floating around for a couple of weeks, but I finally stumbled upon it today. This was filmed on a sweedish talk show called Skavlan

Killer’s lead singer Brandon Flowers came on the show to talk about his band and their new album Battle Born (A pretty good album well worth a listen!). Unexpectedly, he was asked questions about his Mormon faith and after a few minutes of discussing his faith.

Quotes taken from The Christian Post

“The host of the talk show, Fredrik Skavlan, asked Flowers, a devout Mormon, to describe the “beauty of [his] faith.”

Flowers responded positively to Skavlan’s request, saying that some of the things he loves about his Mormon faith are “my mother teaching me to pray, and that I have that communication with my heavenly Father. That’s something I turn to on a daily basis.”

“There are answers to questions that my church has that also are very…it’s a beautiful thing to me, and I’m happy,” the musician added.

Flowers went on to say that he believes Mormonism is a “misunderstood” religion and that people are unfamiliar with it.

Brandon Flowers is a very soft spoken advocate for his faith. His band members are not members and he is engaged in a very difficult career in which it is very difficult to be an active member. Brandon has also done a great job featured as part of’s “I am a Mormon Campaign.” In short, he is a wonderful ambassador for the faith because he is genuinely nice and very highly regarded among his peers.

On this particular show, Brandon was unexpectedly ambushed by famed Oxford Biologist Richard Dawkins who began to first attack religion on the whole and then specifically go off on how The Book of Mormon is an obvious fraud and Joseph Smith a charlatan.

“I have to say that when I read the book of Mormon recently, what impressed me was that this was an obvious fake. This was a 19th century book written in 16th century English. That’s not the way people talked in the 19th century – it’s a fake. So it’s not beautiful, it’s a work of charlatanry.”

To be completely honest, Richard Dawkins comes off as incredibly rude and arrogant in this exchange. He comes out to personally berate the faith of another. It is kind of sad that a brilliant biologist feels the need to go onto Sweedish talk shows to insult a believer. Not a theologian or someone with any special knowledge, but just an average member. I am rather ashamed of the fact that at one point I supported Mr. Dawkins and was a member of his atheist movement.

Brandon did a great job responding to the attacks

“”The book has been studied and torn apart and looked at but I’m not one of the professors that have done it. To call this man a charlatan – I take offense to it…These are all falsehoods – you should do your research.”

Unfortunately, the confrontation ended soon after. I would have loved to see more of a discussion between this two. Mr. Dawkins did not come off looking good when he spent the next day bashing Mormonism and Mitt Romney on twitter with incredibly sophmoric posts such as

“Houston to orbiter. Houston to orbiter. Check Kolob coordinates in magic hat. Repeat, check Kolob coordinates in magic hat ”

“Romney’s Middle East Policy: Native Americans are lost tribesmen of Israel who sailed to America, therefore . . . ”

I have lost all respect that I once had for Mr. Dawkins. He is a brilliant scientist and should stick to actually promoting science. When he talks about faith he comes off as less informed than a first year college student in Western Civ 101. He is arrogant and focuses on silly arguments meant to berate and insult. Reading his twitter feed, it is hard to imagine that this man is an Oxford trained scientist. Instead, he really comes off as juvenile.

In contrast, Brandon Flowers has skyrocketed to the top of my list of favorite celebritie! Killers FTW!


One thought on “Brandon Flowers defends his faith against Richard Dawkins!

  1. Flowers shouldn’t be blamed for telling what he believes to be the truth. Neither should Dawkins. I personally subscribe to Dawkins’ version a bit more than Flowers’. Go Science!!

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