Book of Mormon study journal #1 Title Page

Book of Mormon study journal

I decided today that I want to start a new study journal that I hope will help me to focus my Book of Mormon study in post mission life. As a missionary it was so easy to cultivate good study habits and to truly feast on the word of god daily, but I have found even in the few weeks since how much more difficult that is if there is no sense of daily accountability. I think that starting a blog for my reading will really help and I hope that my insights might be helpful to someone else as well.

Title page-

I really like how the very beginning of the book of Mormon really shows that this book is a divine work. In the title page it mentions twice that this book comes forth by the gift and power of god and makes it clear that it was written by commandment, prophecy and revelation. No one reading this book should be confused. As elder callister said in conference not long ago, either this is a book from god as it claims, or a forgery and heinous fraud. The title page sets the stakes up for the book.

The purposes of this book are also well laid out here: to show israel that god is a god of miracles and that they are still his chosen people and to convince all people that Jesus is the son of god and that he manifested himself into all nations. If we believe this book to be true we can be certain of those things. God is a god of power and miracles and Jesus is the savior of the whole world.



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