New Mormon.Org

New Mormon.Org

I was excited about the New Mormon.Org that recently launched. However, the actual site far exceeds any of my expectations. The member profiles are a wonderful cross section of church membership. One can search by age, ethnicity, continent and previous religious affiliation which is a great feature. However, the standout of the site are the videos that were produced for some of the profiles. I am amazed with the diversity of these profiles. Some feature ‘celebrities’ such as Alex Boye while others feature the conversion stories of average members. The breadth of diversity reflected here really shows a church trying to move away from uniformity and towards reflecting the vibrant experiences of its members. Here is a brief description of those featured in videos with links to their sites or the profile if no site could be found.

Ryan Wilcox– Pediatrician working on a church humanitarian mission

Alex Boye–  Well known Singer and Songwriter

Rochelle Tallmadge– Stay at home mother of four. Her two boys have disabilities.

Valentin Marcero– Mexican Immigrant and Convert to the church. Jailed twice while growing up. Wants to serve a mission

Ron Dittemore– Flight Director for NASA Mission Control

Helen Newton– A Female African American Ophthamologist and mother

Jeff Decker– Sculptor for Harley Davidson and motorcycle racer

Chris Carlson– Works at the Library of Congress and is a cyclist

Josh Maready– Photographer and Professional skateboarder

Rose Yvette–  Female Filipina Convert that works as a professional artist from home

Cassandra Barney– Female Stay At Home Professiona Artist

Joy Monaha– World Champion Female Surfer

Jane Clayson Johnson– Female professional Emmy Winning journalist

Vance Taylor– Handicapped Homeland Security Consultant

Emily and Aaron Sherinian– Emily for a global public health non-profit and Aaron works for UN Foundation


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