Law School or a Mission?- Advice Needed

Law School or a Mission?- Advice Needed

Last night, I got my first acceptance letter from one of my major law school choices. It was a thrill to get an acceptance from Georgetown Law. I sent applications to 17 schools and will be hearing back from the rest over the next few weeks. With my pretty good LSAT score ( 173), solid GPA and good mix of extracurricular leadership positions, I am in a competitive position for all of the schools I applied to. The standard path for me would be to begin law school in the fall of 2010. I would likely have to fund school through a mix of scholarships, help from my father and loans.

I am really torn about whether or not this is the right direction for me. I really feel compelled to serve a full-time mission for the LDS church and know this would also be my only good chance to do so. I am already 22 (just turned) and would be unlikely to go and serve a mission after finishing law school considering that I would then be typically looking to be married and looking for a full time job. This seems like the only time in my life where serving a mission could be possible. It is likely that several of my top school choices would allow me to defer for two years in order to serve a mission

As anyone that has read my blog would know, I am a recent convert to the church having been baptized six months ago. I wish I could leave right now for a mission, because that would make the timing significantly easier. Instead, I have to wait until the summer in order to be able to do that. Even though I want to serve, there are several factors against it. My father would be absolutely aghast at the idea of my serving. Nothing would upset him more than having me spend my time doing proselytizing work. As a culturally Jewish individual, he views the idea of missionary work to be among the worst actions humanly possible. My father has been gradually accepting my membership in the church and appreciating how important it is to me. As such, I am worried that serving would turn him away from it even further. On a more selfish reason I am also fairly sure that serving would mean that he would no longer be willing to pay for any part of my education which would be a significant burden. I am also worried about his health and real possibility that he might get sick or worse while I am serving. Likewise, I dealing with all of the usual concerns of a potential missionary compounded by the fact that I’ve not seen most of my relatives for over two years since I was last in Israel and am not pleased about not seeing them for another two.

I wanted to write this post in part because I really want to hear the advice of any readers. Did any of you have to make a similar choice? How did your family react? What do you think? I have a lot to think and pray about over the next several months. Your feedback and commons could be very helpful in my decision.


3 thoughts on “Law School or a Mission?- Advice Needed

  1. I have no experience from which to give any real help, but from reading your blog it is clear that you know how to receive and interpret truth and light. I don’t doubt that if you pray about this you will receive an answer. As far as the timing being crummy, if it is meant to be, blessings will result. Maybe not visibly for a long time, but they will come and it will be worth the sacrifices.

    You sound like you would make an amazing missionary and source of light wherever you would be sent, but your talents and influence may be needed in other spheres. God be with you in your journey to decide.

  2. As you know, I think your talents would be best used convincing the Mormon church how evil and rude the missionary system is. 😉 But that’s my newfound calling in life.

    You know my opinion. 😛 Go to law school. You don’t *need* to get married straight away. Furthermore, if you go to do a missionary after law school, if you learned a new language you would be more marketable as a lawyer. It would still be fresh versus a possible 3 years of not speaking it (and we all know what happens when you do that).

    I think most importantly for you is the financial aspect. If you have to take out a huge loan for law school, when are you going to find time to do all the good you are capable of doing? You will have to work all the time in a job that might not be ideal for you to pay off the loans. On the other hand, if you father pays- even if not in full- you will be able to work any job that you want within reason because you won’t *have* to worry about paying off loans. This is a very real consideration.

    Not to mention, what if you meet someone while on mission? What she wants to get married right away? It’s very difficult to attend law school while supporting a family- probably impossible if you are not getting financial help from your family.

    I just think if you were to do a mission, doing it after law school is going to be more financially responsible and more forward thinking.

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