Disturbing issue of Facebook privacy

This post is not LDS related, but I really feel a need to comment on this news story

A Canadian woman apparently lost health related employment benefits because of pictures on her Facebook.  Conclusions must be tentative because we only have her side of the story, but purportedly she had received time off from work for depression. Her doctor advised her to get out and try to have fun. She took this advice and went to a bar with friends, whom took pictures of her which were posted on Facebook. Her insurance company Manulife used the images on her Facebook as a way to argue that she was no longer depressed and needed to return to work. Thus, her insurance company looked at private images on her Facebook and used that information to justify a termination decision.

I have been a public advocate for laws protecting individuals from termination due to information gleamed from Facebook. Because one often has little control over information or images placed on the internet today, it has become much more difficult to control the flow of confidential information. Thus, individuals are often held hostage to whatever reputation harming information others wish to place on the internet. In effect, the internet has turned everyone into a tabloid page celebrity. This diminished expectation of privacy is harmful to social interactions and civic discourse in society.


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